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Friday, August 16, 2002
      ( 9:50 PM ) Jackie  


I don't know how many photos I took at camp. But I've put in many hours viewing, cropping, brightening, darkening, making more or less contrasty and I am thrilled that there are only 100 left. When taking photos of action (dancing, drumming, running, playing) and in weird light conditions I never know what I'm going to end up with. I've had some big disappointments with shots that I thought would be great and were not, and some terrific surprises. They'll all (well not the big disappointments!) be on the congorhythms website before I go to New York to visit Choire, on Thursday.

I'm coming up to my 60th birthday on August 27. It seems impossible to be THAT OLD. But, then when I consider the alternatives it seems like a pretty good deal. I must say I don't recall ever being happier or even much healthier. I have cause to wish I had kept dancing, but I guess I can start that again too. I'm very happy to be celebrating with Choire and friends at the beach house. I hope they have the flag raised. I only wish that Choire and Philo had provided some fashion tips for me too! What's a grrll to do?

Here is a photo from camp that I especially like. The light at the camp was wonderful and I think the photo looks very painterly in a 15th century Italian way.

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