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Friday, August 30, 2002
      ( 9:28 AM ) Jackie  

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles.....

...not to mention buses, shuttles, and the Sayville Ferry. That's what it took to get me home from Paradise yesterday.

The excitement level was highest on the way to the Ferry, with a blustery rain soaking everything that the emergency parka didn't cover. There was that buzz in the air that I sometimes feel in a storm that cranked up the energy level. The ferry ride was pretty exciting, too, with waves crashing around us spraying the windows. The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful, I'm glad to report. The interlude at Penn Station was quite nice. It was warm for one thing! Unlike the train, which seemed to air condition our soaked clothing. We (Choire was with me for this part of the trip) appreciated the warmth, stoked up on Krispy Cremes ( raspberry filled and sugar coated for me), and I got some money. And of course used the clean bathroom before returning to the storm and getting on the bus to the airport.

It was me who wanted to stay one last night and risk the storm. It was a week of early afternoon ocean bobbing and floating, body surfing, and being menaced and thumped around by enormous powerful waves. With late afternoon or early evening walks. With Bingo and Tacos and Trivia. With Bridge lessons from Pennell and Choire and Chris. With reading books and staring at the ocean. I couldn't face the violent pace of the city after all that.

And I'm glad we stayed. It was a lazy day with much reading and lying on sofas watching the beautiful ocean. We took a brisk evening beach walk just as at dusk, and ordered pizza in. I went to bed early, and the sounds of the ocean pounding against the sand accompanied by the higher less regular notes of the wind and the rain were my lullaby

And now home again. Sasha awaited me and perked up with happiness at my return. The familiarity of home is pleasing. Even after sleeping most of the way on the plane, I went to sleep early and slept well.

Even when I've been to Paradise and visited with Angels, there's no place like home, Aunt Em, there's no place like home.

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