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Sunday, September 08, 2002
      ( 6:27 PM ) Jackie  

News of My Recovery....

...has been greatly exaggerated.

Having felt better last Wednesday, I thought I had shaken this cold. Indeed, I have been well enough to be up and doing a few errands and fun things from time to time. But then I relapsed.

I slept most of Friday. Then, Friday night Annette and Jenna came over and we drummed, which was great. Jenna had to leave but Annette and I went out for an excellent Chinese meal, featuring hot and sour soup and several vegetarian dishes. I may order out for the soup and asparagus tonight.

Yesterday I took a cold pill and went to a picnic that Elsie and a few of her friends organized. Much fun, good food, and drumming. When I got home and the pill wore off I was as sick as ever. After a good sleep last night I woke up sick again and missed several events I have been looking forward to.

I could take cold pills and get up and do normal things reasonably well, I think. But I also think that in order to get well I have to cough up all this gunk, so am relying on echinacea tea, vitamin C and Zink lozenges, and lots of sleep. Based on the cold and flu chart, I should try to see a doctor tomorrow.

So this is my whine of the day....

On the happier side: We called Yolanda (our wonderful drum teacher) from the picnic and learned that she will be teaching drum again very soon. That's good news as we are missing her a lot! I won't be able to go every week because of PUEBLO commitments, but will certainly enjoy classes when I can go.

I've been reading a lot and working on my new blog design. The Blogger code still doesn't work. Perhaps I'll discover the little thing I'm doing wrong tomorrow and it will be miraculously fixed. Hope springs eternal and all that.

With so much of my focus on myself I've still found time to ponder on politics and have been very gratetful to be able to go to the Holy Fucking Shit Day site to read comments and go to the various links. It does a great job of analyzing context and providing information. Thanks! y'all.

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