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Sunday, September 01, 2002
      ( 5:06 PM ) Jackie  

Wah! I'm Sick

With a cold that is. I was wishing I had someone to gently lay a cold washcloth on my fevered brow, plump up my pillows, and serve the homemade chicken soup. But she hasn't shown up!

I've slept all afternoon after downing garlic pills, wellness remedy, feverfew, echinacea tea, and a couple of aspirins. I have some microwaved mashed potatoes (homemade, I made 'em yesterday using a magic recipe involving buttermilk) and am off to plump those pillows and probably back to sleep.

Hey! This isn't West Nile Fever is it? Probably not as I haven't seen any dead birds or been bitten by any mosquitoes.

I'm off to bed now. zzzzzzzzz

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