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Wednesday, October 09, 2002
      ( 5:22 PM ) Jackie  

apple tech sucks

After months of trying to get my iBook running correctly, the techs at Apple support finally decided it was a hardware problem. duh! As before, when I sent it in for the identical problem, it came back very promptly. Unlike before, it actually started up when I pressed the magic button. Even though I have been using OSX, which must be thoroughly documented in the copious tech notes on the problem, OS 9.2 came up. I was told that my $50 fee for file transfer would result in a folder being placed on the desktop, which folder would contain all my files. But that didn't happen. Instead, my files were on the hard drive, which had been replaced. Still, it did start up....

Pleased as I was by this little success, I immediately changed the start-up disk to OSX, shut down and pressed that button. The smiley face came up. The spinning rainbow disk spun, then stopped, the spun again .... and again. But OSX never came up.

Eventually I called service. After about 2 hours it was determined that I would have to reinstall OS X. And indeed doing would wipe out OS9.2. And all my files. You know, the ones I had paid to have saved. The tech asked about the folder on the desktop. Told there was none, he said that was probably the problem. OSX didn't like to be handled the way the service folks had done it. He tried to help me, trashing preferences, etc. But to no avail.

I can try to reinstall OSX over the current version. But since it was upgraded that will probably not work. So I would have to erase the disk, install OSX, install OS9.2. Oh, and yes, reinstall all my applications and reload my documents and photos. It seems that all these items are in the same partition. I don't know why I can't create a new partition. I don't know why I can't just install OS X. But so says the tech. hmmmm I wonder whether I can just go to OS X.2, or if I would have the same problems.....

I allowed as how I was too pissed off to be messing with my Operating System and will stagger along with OS 9.2 for a few days. I really hope the reinstall will work and I won't have to go through all this. At least I have everything on CD should I have to rebuild this.

Well, probably not everything. For example, I had to go through 3 or 4 steps to upgrade OSX. Then I had to get a new driver for my printer. Those things will have to be done again.

I just hope they don't expect me to pay that file transfer fee without a fight.

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