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Saturday, October 26, 2002
      ( 6:03 PM ) Jackie  

I'm Back

For some reason I haven't been blogging lately. I think I've been pretty overwhelmed by the war-mongering. I've felt I couldn't write without saying something about it. But anything I would say would be inadequate. So I'll just see what comes up to say now.

I've had a full week. Tuesday was October 22nd,a national day of protest against police brutality and of rememberance for people killed by the police. "My" drum choir, EveryWoman's HeartRhythms drum choir, played at the protest and I listened to most of the speeches. The families of people killed were very moving.

Thursday was a hearing at the Citizens Police Review Board hearing. This one lasted from 6pm til 12:30am. It was frustrating that none of the allegations agains the officer was sustained. Both the officer charged and the witness office have many prior complaints for excessive force.

Last night there was a memorial for Gwen Araujo, the transgender teen murdered in nearby Newark, CA. According to Gwen Smith there is on the average a murder of a transgendered person every month That was just shocking to me. In spite of all I know, I guess I remain naive about how evil and hateful people can be. I met some friends at the memorial and we walked together in the march to the Castro from the LGBT Center. A very sad event. And one that made me mad as hell. It was good to be with my friends.

Today of course was the Anti-War March and Rallyin San Francisco. WOW!! I took a ton of photos and will be putting them up in the next couple of days. Even though I was unable to connect with the three different groups with which I had plans - due to the enormous turnout - I ran into a bunch of friends, some of whom I haven't seen in years. It was an amazing experience, which I'm looking forward to sharing.

Yesterday I realized that Novemeber was almost here. November is National Novel Writing Month. I signed up again this year at the Nanowrimo web site. There was a bay area kick of tonight. After resting and having dinner, I headed out to 21 Grand for the nanowrimo party. It was very cool. Chris, the nanowrimo guru was very insipiring and very witty in his comments. I had a chance to participate in a progressive novel and came home with a t-shirt, a pencil, and a pair of fangs.

Tomorrow Annette and I are going to Dia de Los Muertos" in Fruitvale. It was great last year and I'm really looking forward to it.

Though I wish I didn't have to be on my feet, which are still complaining about last night and today! Guess I'd better go rest up for it!

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