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Tuesday, November 19, 2002
      ( 3:38 PM ) Jackie  

Birthday Party

A few weeks ago some young friends came over for a birthday party. One of them is a member of our drumming group. We hadn't seen her for a while since she also does African dance and there's a timing conflict. Since she's only 13 years old she can't make it to the night time classes in San Francisco.

Her sister is a year younger and also drums, though she isn't as interested in it. I asked her to take pictures and here they are. She did a great job! I had no idea she would take such interesting photos. That's sooooo cool!

And speaking of birthdays, Choire is having one today. At just about this time (5:30pm Eastern) thirty-one years ago he came into the world as beautiful, strong, and curious as anyone could hope for. I send him love on his birthday and every day.

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