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Sunday, November 17, 2002
      ( 4:57 PM ) Jackie  

Direct Action, Drumming, Writing, and Other Loosely Associated Topics

You may have missed it on CNN or your local news--I know I haven't seen it: There was a huge demonstration at the School of the Americasthis week-end. Besides speakers, singing ( Yeah, Indigo Girls!), protest signs, and chants, there was nonviolent direct action in which 96 people went over a 10-foot barbed-wire fence into Fort Benning. They were arrested and are likely to be joining the twenty-six others in jail for a similar action in November.

So I've played about a gazillion games of solitaire, switching between Klondike and Canfield instead of using my lovely little iBook for its intended purpose -- to write 50,000 words in November. Damn! and it's almost time for the sex'd think that writing the sex scene would be more enticing than playing solitaire. Sigh.

The EveryWomon's HeartRhythms Drum Choir will be performing at Luna Sea's Ninth Anniversary Show next Friday and Saturday. It will be a great show. Besides our fabulous drumming, the lineup includes the formidably talented Lucky Seven and Robin Brooks in Two Styles One Love, the multi-talented Marcus Rene Vann, Pussy Envy (need I say more??), and the unforgettable Butterfly featuring Yolanda S. Vierra Allen, J'aimes and Elizabeth Gimbel.

Drum rehearsal went well yesterday, and was followed by a fabulous community dinner!! We are playing a beautiful version of Zebula, a traditional Congolese piece. The Prelude was composed by Batantou with some parts by Yolanda, our beloved conductor. Following (or maybe preceding) that, we'll play Ekonga, another traditional song. It's a battle song. As Yolanda says, we want them to know we will fight for peace as hard as they fight for war. 'Traditional', by the way means it's probably at least a thousand years old.

Speaking of which--fighting for peace that is-- I'm just crazy enough to be meeting Lisa and Judy at the MacArthur BART at 6:15 AM to participate in a demonstration at 7am in the SF financial district. I can't find a website, but here's the info:

Nov 18 Direct Action, targeting Corporate/"Defense," Government, & "Diplomatic" Warmongers!!!
7 AM, Assemble at Market & Sansome (NE corner)

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