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Monday, November 04, 2002
      ( 10:24 AM ) Jackie  

Just Say No to Daylight Savings Time -- and Migraine Attacks

I'm having sleep problems lately. Daylight savings time is messing with me.

The California Energy Commission says it saves 1% of energy consumption. Could you all just turn off a light. Or better yet, keep the office lights, the advertising signs, and the bridge decorative lights off. That would save more than 1% of energy and I would sleep better.

Besides, I'm personally responsible for additional energy use as I'm up at weird hours.

While the headline of the site says "Saving Time, Saving Energy", I really don't think we can save time. There's just as much or as little of it as ever. I know I'm not more efficient if that's what they mean, and by their reports neither are my friends. And that hour we "get" when we "fall back" is "returned" when we spring forward.

Another reason for my weird sleeping patterns is that I've been having migraine headaches every couple of weeks. I've had these headaches most of my adult life, but they had abated in recent years. Now they seem to be back and are a little different. They start with the usual light sensitivity and little "zaps" of light but now they are also accompanied at the beginning with an overpowering need for sleep. Maybe I was just never in a situation before where I could sleep when I needed to, but this is new. It's good, too, because for me sleep is the best healer of the headache.

What made this migraine attack worse is that I can't take any anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) because I'm scheduled for a routine colonoscopy on Friday and that's one of the"rules".

The day after the migraine pain recedes, I'm usually in a vague state. That happened this time. The migraine was on Thursday night and Friday -- a short one -- and Friday and Saturday I was tired, vague, and achey. My sleep was disrupted. I woke up early on Sunday after about 4 hours of sleep, partly due to Daylight Savings Time. I worked on photos and web pages, did a little cleaning up, then went back to bed. I didn't get up until after 7. Ick! I had dinner, watched some tv, made some phone calls, and wrote 1,761 words on my nanowrimo novel.

About 3am I tried to go back to sleep in the hope of resetting my sleeping clock. That didn't work too well. But I am up and about. I 'm ready to go write my daily dose. Today I'm going to the World Ground Cafe to write. It's a very cool place on MacArthur Blvd near 35th Street.

I was taking Feverfew daily to ward off migraine attacks. The plan was to take it daily for a month and then taper off, and finally take it only when I began to experience symptoms indicating an attck was coming. I'm going to start taking it daily and begin this regimen all over again. Just Say No to Migraines???

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