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Tuesday, November 26, 2002
      ( 11:24 PM ) Jackie  


Okay, so I tend to be a little obsessive anyway. Someday I'll post a short story I wrote a few years ago that is so obsessive I get claustrophobic reading it. But this nanowrimo thing has me obsessively counting words -- and, yes, obsessively blogging about my obsession with counting words.

I'm getting kind of excited now about the possibility of completing the 50,000 words. But I've got a lot of words yet to write if I'm going to make it.

My characters have created an environment where I'm now pretty much typing for them. That makes it both harder and easier to write There have been several occasions on which I didn't want to sit down at the computer because I could sense that Something Bad was going to happen. This is one of them, as I will be finding out in the next chapter or two whether one or both of my two favorite characters is dead. That, of course, is a problem with not writing from plot. You, the writer, doesn't know what will be happening. And you, the writer, may not like it! I had been posting excerpts when I update my word count but it's getting harder to find any writing I don't hate. So I'm using that time to write. Quantity over quality!!!! That's the nanowrimo way.

Anyway I hope tonight and tomorrow go well because I want to go to Alcatraz Island for sunrise on "thanksgiving day" and to SF to join the Women in Black when they demonstrate at Union Square on Friday.

What a disaster my eyeglasses saga has been! Besides spending way too much money of course. First, the eye doctor was a creep. Then the glasses would not be done in one hour but in seven days. Then the glasses came. But they were not as I ordered them. I decided to try them out. And discovered that Lens Crafters had put a totatlly wrong prescription in the lens for the left eye and I couldn't see out of that eye at all.

What really pissed me off is that not one person apologized. They said soothing things like "that must be really frustrating for you." Well the one supervisor guy did apologize because he kept yawning in my face. I wonder if there is a policy against apologizing. Or if these people were all raised by wolves.

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