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Friday, November 22, 2002
      ( 8:06 AM ) Jackie  

On Drumming, Dreaming, Writing, and Personal Hygiene

We--EveryWomon's HeartRhythms Drum Choir--had our last rehearsal last night. I knew that but haven't yet incorporated the idea that tonight is the performance. I've been so worried about my nanowrimo word count that I plumb forgot to worry about the performance.

I have a spreadsheet for my nanowrimo word count this year. I can tell you exactly how far behind I am and how many words per day I'll have to write to make the 50,000, along with other important information such as where I wrote each day and for how long and how many words and how many words I have to write total to finish. You probably guess that I use Word Count obsessively. But I didn't calculate that Friday and Saturday directly follow Thursday. Okay, I'm scared now!

I woke up at 3am today with an incredibly itchy head. EEEK! I thought I had fleas, or head lice, or athlete's foot of the head, or some exotic and embarrassing disease. I took a shower. Then I remembered that I had had a reaction to a down pillow recently. I checked and sure enought the pillow I was using was goose down. I removed all but one pillow, which I was pretty sure was some kind of horrible acrylic fiber fill (basically oil) and put two pillow cases on that one. That seems to be the problem since I have only residual itchiness. It was reallly GROSS!

Just before seven I woke again from a vivid and very sad and violent dream. It was looking to have a (relatively) happy ending. Maybe it's all this writing that's got my psyche brewing this stuff. I took a few minutes to think about the dream before I got up. Hey! Maybe I can use it in my nanonovel!

This post is 347 words long. That's just over ten percent of my writing goal for the day. Maybe I should just make all by characters bloggers. If I did they would spell out all numbers to increase their word count!

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