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Sunday, November 24, 2002
      ( 11:48 PM ) Jackie  

We Rock!!!

Last night was amazing! The Drum Choir did a great job. Oh, yeah, most of us had our horror stories of mistakes we made. Perfection is not (yet) upon us. But damn! We were good. Yolanda had the girls going wild as she does when she gets down on that drum. Oh, my!

The entire show was great.

We had a party afterwards at . When they were getting ready to close, Annette and I hit the road to a terrific taqueria at 24th and Mission, reported to close at 2am. Oh, my! That was one gooooood burrito! So were the chips. And the cebellitos. Not to mention the limon drinks. yummmmmmy! And the place was still open when we left around 3am. And busy! Good to know!

I would have slept late this morning, but my tummy ache woke me. That fabulous salsa was still speaking to me!

Today I didn't do a lot : ) I did pick up my new glasses. I think they put the wrong prescription on the left lens. They gave me progressive bifocals (multifocals I guess), which I did not order and do not like. Not that that matters since I can't see shit out of them anyway. I went to Lens Crafters -- the one-hour place, ya' know. Because I wanted anti-glare coating it took seven days. Now who knows how long it will take to get a pair that actually works. blech!

I had a stroll around the Ashby flea market. It is in full swing. Very fun.

After the Lens Crafters fiasco I got a half hour massage on my hands, arms,and shoulders. That was amazing. As my teacher said, those are muscles in your hands and if you beat on them for half an hour it's going to hurt. Be nice to them. : )

I couldn't seem to get into writing the next chapter of my nanowrimo novel. So I did some housekeeping to put all my little chapters into one document in preparation for word count verification (if I get to the 50,000 word mark). I did a rough edit on the first 5 chapters, which netted me over a thousand words. My rule is you can add but you can't subtract.

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