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Sunday, December 01, 2002
      ( 2:22 PM ) Jackie  

Character Flaw Discovered at COSTCO Photo Counter

I was very pleased when I learned I could put my digital photos on a CD and bring them to COSTCO to be printed out, and for only nineteen cents a print.

I wasn't so pleased when I got them back. They were much darker than they should have been, with all the highlights destroyed and the colors muddy. Several friends said that was often a problem, even when COSTCO was printing from negatives. The negatives would be fine but the prints would be dark.

I printed out a copy of one of the prints on my Epson 2180 Photo Printer to show the folks there the problem. That didn't actually work out so well. They guy there ignored what I was telling him and explained that with a bright white surface the photo would come out with the other parts darker. I explained that I was aware of how that worked but that my photo didn't have that problem. The photo was fine. The print had the problem.

I showed him the comparison picture again. He explained that his printer printed the photo exactly as it was on the media. I explained that I had printed the photo directly from my computer. He explained that the colors might differ from the colors on the monitor. I explained that this was a printed photo and that it was indeed somewhat different from the photo as it appeared on the monitor but that it wasn't dark and muddy like his photos.

He explained something about digital cameras that I have now gratefully forgotten. I told him again that it wasn't the photo but the way they had printed it that was the problem. Finallly, I went to Customer Service and got my money back and will now be printing the photos myself.

What was interesting to me about all this was my intense reaction. I was furious at him for ignoring what I said and being so condescending to me. I know I'm a woman and now old to boot, so maybe I just have to get used to this discounting treatment. Or at least not let it affect me so much. I was having a really great day and then got very bummed out. I don't know what that's about, probably something deep in my dark past.

Fortunately, I was able to look at it and realize how stupid it was to let the incident ruin the rest of my day and I'm back on an even keel. But honestly I felt like slugging the guy.

Not Good to have these character flaws of mine.

Not good to take digital images to COSTCO!!!!!

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