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Tuesday, December 17, 2002
      ( 11:09 AM ) Jackie  

Holiday Gift Idea #2

Go to your kitchen and clean out your cupboards. Take all those wonderful little foody things you've purchased at Trader Joe's or Balducci's or Dean & Deluca but have not eaten and never will. Put them in a bag--or bags for some of us. Be sure to check the expiration dates!!!!! Just to be clear here: Items whose expiration dates have passed go either in the trash or back in your cupboard. Be nice!

Add the items that you bought in bulk and can no longer eat (the Annie's Organic Mac and Cheese, the tuna fish). Add the healthy foods you bought because you thought you should and maybe you'll even bake with them (the little packages of organic raisins).

Load these in your car or your shopping cart.

Go to a warehouse supermarket such as COSTCO and purchase at least $20 of really yummy things (A 4-pack pf Ghiradelli's double chocolate brownie mix, juices, a box of candy bars for the kids ). Add these to the items in your car or shopping cart.

Go to a supermarket in your neighborhood or other collection point for food. Unload all these things into the donation barrel.

This a favorite two-fer. Your cupboards get cleaned out and you get to give to the needier.

Of course those of you who live in cities like New York will have to modify this plan to meet the geographical and weight-bearing limitations you may encounter.

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