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Friday, December 27, 2002
      ( 12:50 AM ) Jackie  

Order from Chaos -- I Hope

As the Winter Solstice has passed and the days at last grow longer, I have begun to clear things out. The cold that pierces the windows in my living room has made me move my laptop to the dining room table. This works but is pretty unsatisfactory as I have to navigate the modem in the middle of the floor and the power and modem cords. So I am again moving my desk, this time from the living to the dining room.

My drums have also migrated to the dining room since the cold puts them out of tune.. My dog Sasha likes to be with her pack (that's me). She took her blanket out of the kennel in the kitchen and brought it into the dining room. She's a very clever dog! It's a cozy little dining room now.

My neighbor Mary is going to install the router I just ordered from Amazon and wire my house so I can email and surf from any room in the house. How great is that!!!! We talked about wireless. These old houses don't do very well with wireless in her experience, so wired it is! Then I won't have to worry about which room to work in. Talk about good neighbors!

Yesterday I started reorganizing my bedroom as well. After moving the small tape/CD/radio thingy I discovered some old notebooks on a shelf. So I went through those, keeping the ones that were mostly full and putting aside the others so I could consolidate the few pages with writing. The remainder of those notebooks will go to the Depot: Center for Creative Reuse, along with various interesting things that I've collected and not used. I went through a large plastic bin full of notebooks and dated them on the covers so I can organize them by year. It was interesting how much I wrote in some years -- four notebooks in a monthh in one year-- and nothing at all in others. Too bad it's all illegible.

In short, my entire house is in total chaos. -- in the nonmathematical sense of the word. It's a good thing actually. I realized many years ago that a state of chaos is part of my creative process. Whatever I'm doing there's always a time when it's all messy and disorganized and has no shape. Then voila! It takes shape. When it comes to the house, though, there's a bit of physical work involved in the "Voila!"

Having written that, I wanted to read something on chaos theory. This web site is very unchaotic, very hierarchically organized, and I'm sure it contains tons of good information. But unfortunately it takes so many clicks to get to any content that I got frustrated and quit before I found any.

Looking at this work makes me wish I had taken more math. But I dropped out of Calculus in favor of mathematical logic, which I loved and was very good at. Now, though, children in elementary school learn about fractals, so perhaps there's hope for me.

Life is strange. Somehow that change led to my brief career as a philosopher and also prepared me very well to become a computer programmer. And, oh yes! It was through the philosphy department that I met Choire's father. So in a sense Choire is the product of the scheduling of the Calculus class and my lack of aptititude for it!

But I digress, from what I'm not sure. I also decided to make a pie tonight , which turned out to be very delicious--it's a sweet potato pie. There was a little bit of condensed milk left over. So I was forced to make very strong coffee to add to the condensed milk. It was very good; but, since I seldom drink coffee, I ended up being very wired. Perhaps that will help me to reorganize my desk. If I can keep on track! Okay! I'm gonna' move the desk!

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