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Friday, January 03, 2003
      ( 10:03 AM ) Jackie  

The New Year Has Begun

It feels like the holiday is officially over. Even Mr. Bush (he's not the president) is getting back to work cutting taxes for the rich and sending the poor off to war. The GI Rights hotline remains busy as people realize that the army (or navy or marines) is not exactly what the recruiters told them it would be. Many discover that they are Conscientious Objectors once they are faced with the realities that cause them to examine their beliefs.

Thanks to Nancy and Judy I participated in a moving Solstice celebration that set the tone for a calm and non-mercenary holiday. I thought I did pretty well during the holidays, but then I slept pretty much all New Year's day so perhaps I still have some "issues".

I do have a new year resolution to get healthier. My blood pressure is up and that's not good. Sasha is happy to learn that I'll be walking more. She takes me for good walks.

My flight to Maui is set. I'll stay about a week after Congolese Dance and Drum Camp ends. I am sooooo excited!

We -- HeartRhythms Drum Choir -- have a gig on January 25 at Jon Sims. We're part of Marcus Rene Van's production BIG STUFF: Nice - Dont' Cut It". Yeah! That means rehearsals, more drumming! I'm having drum class withdrawal with only one class a week.

All in all, the year is starting of with a lot of energy. I think that's partly because I have become more crepuscular, if not yet diurnal.

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