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Saturday, January 04, 2003
      ( 11:48 PM ) Jackie  

Out with the Old

I counted seventeen shirts as I put them in paper bags to be taken to the GoodWill or Salvation Army. How crazy is it to own seventeen shirts that I don't need and don't wear! I haven't needed or worn them for years now.

Two of them are from The Village Spirit, the bar my sister used to own, and she moved from there two years ago. A couple of them were rather nice turtlenecks from my failed attempt at "corporate casual" maybe five years ago.

There is a Dyke 2 K shirt from the Dyke March in 2000. I had bought one for a friend who moved but we grew apart and I never sent it. It seems as if giving away that shirt is giving up on our friendship. I feel sad as I put it in the bag.

Of course I've kept my own collection of Dkye March t-shirts. There are some shirts that just won't leave I love my Luna Sea t-shirt, which was made about 7 years ago and is a real collectors item. It has a little hole in it but I love it still. My t-shirt from the 1999 MoonSisters drum camp is washed out and bedraggled but I'm sure I can spiff it up with a little Oxy-10 or whatever that stuff is. No matter, I'm keeping it !

I did put my torn and very faded "Women Don't Get AIDS, We Just Die From It" shirt in the bag. But I'm not sure if it will make it out the door. It holds many memories of doing AIDS actions with Choire when he lived in San Francisco. I especially remember a needle exchange action at City Hall led by Crystal, co-founder of Luna Sea.

At the bottom of my underwear drawer is a package containing a bright, fierce mask made by Virginia Harris, a talented quiltmaker and fiber artist. I bought it on September 6, 1996 for my then-girlfriend. By the time Ms. Harris mailed it on October 31 we had broken up. Every time I see it I think about whether I should send it to her or hang it on the wall or give it away.

For now, I hang the brightly colored mask on the wall, smoothing out the silver strands on each side of its face. I remember that she wanted it to hang on my bedroom wall. I'll see now how it is to live with it. I hope it won't take me another six years to decide if my bedroom wall is the right place for it.

Finding my purple biking shirt from the Cinderella Century (100km) in which I rode nine years ago, I ran to my computer to see if the Fremont Freewheelers are doing training rides this year. They are, and the training starts next Saturday. I think I'll go.

Just before I closed the empty top drawer I found a business card that I've been searching for. I met Victoria at the NaNoWriMo celebration party on December 1. She had written her NaNoWriMo novel in 2001 while driving across the country and meeting -- and writing with -- other writers. Victoria was supportive of my memoir-writing project and asked me to send her excerpts. I really appreciated the support and have been searching for her card so I could email her a note of thanks.

I have no idea how her business card entered the scarf and gloves drawer. But I was happy to have it . It seemed like getting a prize for all that cleaning out and throwing away. Better than a gold star by far!

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