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Wednesday, February 05, 2003
      ( 2:27 AM ) Jackie  

CCCO and NION Benefit

I had the great fortune of attending the terrific concert to benefit the CCCO and Not In Our Name. This was put on by Sage Productions. I was there as a volunteer for the CCCO table so didn't see--or rather experience--the whole concert. What I did see was amazing. The scene out there in the hall was pretty incredible, too. All that good energy and joy!

One of my colleagues at the table came back looking dazed. She said that the audience was simply radiant and the music wonderful. So I went in to see Ozomatli. Everyone in the theatre was on their feet, waving their arms and dancing. The energy pulsed through the crowd. And through me.

Among other things, Sage did a program that is itself a work of art.

The next time I ducked into the theater the beautiful Saul Williams was speaking his truth through poetry. I edged my way to the front of the theater. Oh, that many can tell a poem!!

I didn't see Chuck D. & The Fine Arts Militia, but folks were bragging on him like no tomorrow.

Ani DiFranco got my full attention. My colleague at the table had seen her in concert recently so I got to see her entire set. Beautiful guitar work, beautiful poetry, beautiful woman. Sigh.

We all took turns going in for Michael Franti. I got to see the part of the set where he played and sang while the man who had done the amazing flowers for the stage created a ...well I don't know what to call it...a flower sculpture maybe.

For all of these people, I was very moved not only be the music but their presence on stage and their deep connection to the "audience".

The back of the program says,
This show is dedicated to the life and memory of
Jam Master jay
June Jordan

I know they were with us in spirit for a night where music, poetry, politics, and art came together.

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