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Sunday, March 16, 2003
      ( 8:32 AM ) Jackie  

Bulletin from Paradise

This is a re-post of my first post from Maui on March 6. The original one got scrambled from a subsequent post and I just can't unscramble it so hoping this goes better.

The Congolese Dance and Drum workshop was over on Sunday. It was wonderful, but whizzed by way too fast. There were many things I wanted to do but didn’t. They’ll have to wait until August when the California camp takes place.

The weather on the North side was great—rain in the morning then sunshine and rainbows and perhaps more rain at night. My tent held up very well. I placed it near a stand of trees and flowers, with two views to the ocean. With the tent flap open I could see the stars while I listened to the ocean waves or else to the sound of the rain--and the occasional coconut falling from the trees.

My days flew by…breakfast, drumming, resting or taking photos, lunch, taking more photos, singing, drumming, a break again and then dinner. I only made it to a few of the dance classes to listen to the drumming and watch the dancing. In the evening we talked, exchanged foot massages, and went off to our tents.

It was heavenly, and I am totally blissed out,.

On Sunday we cleaned up the camp, broke down our tents, packed, and scattered. Annette and I went to Hai’ku where we stayed at Tropo House. Well, I'm still here. Annette left his am. We love our little room upstairs with much wood, windows to view the garden, and a small altar. My bed is way off the floor (about 4 feet) and I could simply raise my eyes to see the stars.

The shared kitchen and bathroom worked well for us, and I am getting up the stairs with less huffing and puffing every day. John and Mary leave papayas, oranges, coconuts, and bananas for all to take. They also provide coffee and tea. We shopped at the health food store – Manna—in Pi’ea and at an open air market in Wailuku for veggies, polenta, soy milk, and such.

I’m wrting from the second floor deck, with my laptop on my lap for a change. Annette left this morning, which made me sad. We have a great time together, with much laughter. After leaving her at the airport, I went to the yard goods outlet and had lunch at
Café o’Lei in Wailuku. Then I came "home", where I remembered to call Luna, a school of "aesthetics" in Hai’ku. They had an opening so I drove the ten minutes down the road and had an hour and a half facial.mmmmm. My only regret is that I fell asleep at some point and missed experiencing the foot massage part. But Ruth said I must have enjoyed it because I was moaning.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to Lahaina where some dancers and musicians are playing at a school bazaar and at the marketplace. Saturday I want to stay on the rain forest side. I hope to do some swimming and take a hike to a waterfall I haven’t seen yet.. The South and West of the Island make me sad and angry. My body doesn’t feel right there. Then,….whatever.

More travelogue later, and perhaps some analysis of the situation as I see it here. It’s paradise all right; but there is for sure trouble in paradise.

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