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Monday, March 17, 2003
      ( 12:16 PM ) Jackie  

Continuous Offending

Back in 1991, I was arrested for blockading the Federal building in SF. And damn! we were good blockaders, too, at the women's door. That's where I met some dear friends -- at Pier 39 where we were warehoused and people chose to be cited out or booked. About 8 of us chose to be booked in solildarity with some folks had been booked for what the SFPD called "continuous offending"--which meant as I recall having been detained more than once in a 90-day period for the same offense. We cheered "continue offending" as they were carted off.

It looks as if "continuous offending" will be the norm in the coming days. In fact, the Civil Disobedience trainer for my group on Saturday was cited twice at the same demonstration at the SF Stock Exchange last week.

This morning I was late and missed the gathering at Justin Herman Plaza. I was so late I even missed the people staying to direct "stragglers". I had to ask the cops where the protesters were. They smiled kindly and pointed me in the right direction.

I was too late for the die-in at Citicorp Center and didn't fancy arrest for being in the street. So I cheered on the arrestees and hiked with the group to Diane Feinstein's office -- in the Mckesson building at Montgomery and Market -- and then off to 850 Bryant, the "hall of injustice" where the 3 vans full of arrestees were being held.

Ah, the memories.....

In preparation for demonstrations I'm doing leg lifts and stretches to strengthen my creaky old knees and taking Aleve to decrease the pain they'll feel anyway. That's a change from the demonstrations of the 90's. Being old has its good points for sure, but the knees aren't among them!

And speaking of the SFPD-- they're up to some dirty tricks, spying and infiltrating. And, no doubt being agent provacateurs. Some things never change.

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