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Sunday, March 09, 2003
      ( 12:21 AM ) Jackie  

A Little Mystery Solved

Ha’iku Road was a mystery to us. Coming from Pa’ia, there are two Ha’iku Road turnoffs. The first gives mileage of 2 miles to Ha’iku and 7 miles to Makawao. The second gives mileage of 3miles and 8 miles, respectively.

To get to Tropo House we took the second turnoff and turned left at the 4-way stop. Very simple. We had gone to Makawao while at camp but took Kaupakulua Rd., which turns off the Hana Road nearer to camp. It was a pretty exciting road.

It stood to reason, we thought, that if we took the first Ha’iku Rd. turnoff we would end up at the same 4-way stop. We tried it. At night. We didn’t get to the 4-way stop. We ended up turning around and returning to Hana Rd. to take the second turnoff. A mystery for sure.

These pictures taken from Ha’iku Rd. explain the mystery!

In other news—I enjoyed the Bazaar at the Sacred Heart Church and School in Lahaina. I especially appreciated the dancing and singing by the Keiki (child) hula group. Alas, my camera was securely in the trunk of my little red Nissan.

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