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Wednesday, March 19, 2003
      ( 2:21 AM ) Jackie  

Responding to "The Ultimatum"

So tomorrow night at 5 is the latest deadline announced by Mr. Bush. There is a planned demonstration in San Francisco. The gathering is at 5pm at Powell and Market Streets. I'll be there in spirit only, as I have a police accountability meeting at PUEBLO. This seems like the kind of "business as usual" that is important to do.

The GI Rights hotline is having a retreat this week-end. It'll be strange not to be out on the streets. But it's an excellent time to do some advanced training on discharge laws. Another 4am pick-up! I should probably be catching up on my sleep.

On this evenings news there was a photo of soldiers walking by silhouetted, with a gorgeous sunset in the background. Two of them flashed the peace sign. That reminds me of the importance of the work that is done by the hotline -- "We are a network of nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations who provide information to servicemembers about military discharges, grievance and complaint procedures, and other civil rights."

In preparation for the meeting I'm making charts of calling statistics, to compare calls from 2001 through February 2003. Lots of room for error, so I'm putting off finishing until morning. The number is 800-394-9544, just in case you know a GI who could use a hand in obtaining a discharge.

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