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Sunday, March 09, 2003
      ( 11:38 PM ) Jackie  

Time Means Nothing to Me

When I arrived “home” in Room 8 at Tropo House there was a note under my door. I was surprised because I don’t think I remembered to give this number to anyone so I wasn’t expecting a message.

It wasn’t a message. It was my bill.

I was about to call Jon to tell him of his mistake, since I "knew" I was leaving on Tuesday night. I thought first to look at my airline ticket. I’m leaving tomorrow, Monday!!! EEEK!

My plan to go to the beach tomorrow should still work. It’s just that I’ll need to pack first. Oooops!!!

Today I took my glasses in to be fixed. This was the third time this trip. I think this is a bad style for me. Each time it really was my fault. This time I had fallen asleep reading and left my glasses on the bed. With the whole bed to put my elbow on I put it on the left lens. That changed my plans a bit.

But it was a lovely day, and here are a few pictures to share it.

On the way there I stopped at Ho’okipa to watch the surfers and look at the views.

The clouds were coming up from the ground and filling the gaps in the mountains.

After that I went to Hana. I had planned to go to O’heo to the Seven Sacred Pools, but I got distracted by the road to the blue pool. So I went to the ocean instead. It was beautiful, but very different from last year. Then, there were two pools that crossed the road. Fearing to ford them in my little car, I walked the two plus miles to the waterfall. There, the stream was over my head and I had to swim to get to the waterfall. Today there were no pools. I drove.

Today the waterfall was a trickle. The water from the stream was shallow and very clear, reflecting the palms and the intricate tree trunks.

I sat on a rock with my feet in the ocean, watching the waves as they rolled in and listening to all their sounds – the deep bass of the underlying wave, the high note as it crested, and finally the susurration of the watering rolling back down over the rocks, returning to the sea to rejoin the song.

Well, it’s about 9:30pm here and I have to get my shit together – literally and figuratively.

Aloha from the rainbow isle.

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