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Friday, July 25, 2003
      ( 11:17 PM ) Jackie  

Exciting Week Coming Up

On Monday evening, Choire will be here!!!! Yeah! I am sooooo excited!

Then on Friday I'm off to camp. I expect I'll be madly packing until the last minute. Besides the usual, I'll have my big tent, sleeping bag, Ashiko drum, and Conga drum; possibly some shakers and bell. My Kalimba.The Tarot deck is a must of course. Camera,naturally!!! Computer, battery charger and batteries, flashlight. And like that. I thought my car was big until last August when I packed for camp!

I've printed out photos for Malonga's altar. And also some photos of Malonga for several close friends.

Sasha goes to the pound -- no. no. Not the pound -- the kennel!!!! -- on Friday morning. She needs to have her "blankie", allergy pills, and aspirin.

Before I go I have to back up my computer. It's been waaaay too long.

So now that's it's getting on toward midnight, I'm going to clean the carpet in Choire's room. I thought to do that this afternoon; but I went shopping for clothes instead. Then when I got home I cleared out a few things and then searched craigslist for a Total Gym 1000, as seen on tv. and endorsed by Chuck Norris. I guess other people don't use their exercise machines, too, as there were about five listed.

Then I played card games on the computer for a while.

The only avoidance thing left to do is clean the kitchen.

Guess I'll clean the carpet.

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