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Wednesday, July 09, 2003
      ( 11:50 PM ) Jackie  
Habits, I'm told, can be broken in five days. Certainly my habit of writing here was broken quickly. I was away for a while because a man dear to me died in a stupid traffic accident. He was much loved by many. You can read about him and see some photos on the congorhythms web site.

I've begun a new drum class, Afro-Cuban drumming with Carolyn Brandy. It's totally different in style and technique from what I've been doing. I'm enjoying the the music and the class. Carolyn is a generous and enthusiastic -- and very patient -- teacher. I am sadly among the rhythm impaired. Because this style of music is so much on the upbeat, I think I'm going to really learn about rhythms.

Meanwhile, Hearthrhythms will be playing at the San Francisco AIDS Walk on July 20. We're one of the bands that will be playing throughtout the walk to encourage the walkers. It should be a blast. As Kirsten says, "Hey, Dude! I'm in the band!"

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