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Thursday, July 31, 2003
      ( 10:50 PM ) Jackie  

Ready For the Road (Almost)

Here I am, obsessively checking email and updating websites. My two tents, sleeping bag, air mattress, 2 cameras, CD player, headphones, those of my clothes not still in the laundry process, snacks, sundry personal items, blank tapes, water bottle, sarongs, flashlight, brownie mix -- they're all here and no doubt eager to be organized and packed. The dog is, sad to say,at the kennel. The garden watering systems are up and running -- much gratitude to Choire! The bills are paid, thanks to my uncanny ability to move money from A to B to C without actually earning any.

Annette was going to come over to pick up a couple of things to take for me, since we're putting up two extra tents for friends and she has a van while I zip around in my Honda car. Which, BTW, is tuned up and full of Costco gas.

Anyway. Annette didn't show up or call. I was pondering this, which is surprising 'cause she does what she says she'll do -- and then I remembered that we talked just this afternoon about the baby that was about to spring forth from the belly of her son's girlfriend. I think the baby has sprung!!

Guess I'm on my own...aaaaahhhh! Luckily, Choir has offered to be awakened at the very crack of dawn to help me put all this crap in the car.

Now I just gotta pack it up.

By noon tomorrow I'll be at Congolese Dance and Drum Camp for ten joyous days of drum, dance, singing, eating, chatting, and maybe even some swimming in the river.

This will also be a sad time as it's the first camp that Malonga won't be at since his untimely passing on June 15 this year. While we will celebrate his life and the wonderful gifts he has given us, we will also miss his physical presence among us, a presence that was strong and exuberant.

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