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Saturday, September 27, 2003
      ( 12:59 AM ) Jackie  

Gender, Schmender

Doodling around on the web this evening I came upon the Gender Genie. Based on a writing sample, the Gender Genie will determine whether you are male or female.

I submitted three blogs.
First blog
Little Things Mean a Lot

Female Score: 701
Male Score: 659

Second blog
Bush statement - no link between Iraq and the 9/11 attacks -relegated to page 5 of Oakland Tribune

Score:Female Score: 211
Male Score: 761

Third blog
Is the (California Governor) Recall a Right Wing Plot?

Score: Female Score: 427
Male Score: 1161

These were all fairly short blogs so I checked out the tool on a chapter of detective fiction that I've been working on. This was written several years ago.

Female Score: 4760
Male Score: 4375

Now I'm hooked. So I thought I'd check out a couple of chapters from last years novel written for National Novel Writing Month.

Female Score: 1643
Male Score: 1729

That surprised me as the chapter I selected was rather gentle in tone. So I tried a couple of longer chapters.

Female Score: 4678
Male Score: 6461

The tool asks you to state your actual gender and makes a comment on the results. The comment on this one was "That is one butch chick."

I decided to check a chapter with a lesbian sex scene

Female Score: 5100
Male Score: 4398

It turns out that this tool is not about the content of the passage being checked or even the "content words". The analysis gives lists of "female" and "male" words. For example, "the" is a male word and 'be" is a female word.

I'm not sure what to make of this. And it's too late at night/early in the morning to think about it!

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