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Tuesday, September 02, 2003
      ( 12:02 PM ) Jackie  

Having Labored

William did two additional piercings on my left ear and started the stretching process on my right ear on my birthday.

My first ear piercing was done in a little jewelry shop in Northampton, Mass near my apartment. in 1967. A cotton swab with aclohol, a cork, a needle, and an ice cube were the tools. I still have the earrings that a friend brought me from Mexico. Well, one of them at least.

I don't think there were piercing shops then -- well, there probably were but they weren't so popular or prominent or plentiful as now.

I was surprised at how much it hurt to have my ears pierced this time! It was fine of course, and I was quite euphoric afterwards. I couldn't decide if that was because I hadn't eaten all day, because I was heading out for the beach, or because endorphins had kicked in to help me with the pain.

William was concerned about how I was. "I've had a baby." was my reply. The fact is that having endured considerable pain and come out the other side -- and with such a beautiful and wonderful outcome -- I'm not especially afraid of pain. I talked with a couple of women friends about this in the past few days and they have similar feelings. We appreciate a kind of freedom and courage that childbirth has given us.

The experience -- and the opportunities for jewelry -- made me think briefly about other potential piercings. Another woman's story of her birthday piercing further piques my curiosity.

But for now at least, I'll settle for the little turtles planned for my right ear. The left ear is a surprise.

For endorphins I'll settle for exercise and drumming!

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