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Sunday, September 14, 2003
      ( 9:06 AM ) Jackie  

Is the (California Governor) Recall a Right Wing Plot?

Listening to classical music on kpfa while reading the Sunday Oakland Tribune. and sipping organic fair trade Sumatra coffee brewed from freshly ground beans is a nice treat, even if Sasha would rather I were throwing the tennis ball for her to fetch. It's a nice, lazy way to start the day and not too taxing on the mind. Check the above link the the Trib to confirm the latter.

Then comes the community calendar. There's going to be a lecture/discussion of the question "Is the Recall Election a Right Wing Plot".

Well, duh! Guess I'll save my time and clean the lint out of my navel instead of going to that one.

It's pretty obvious from a casual look at the newspaper headlines and the television "newscasts" what the election is about. The main news here is what Arnold is doing (uniting the Republican party, in case you're wondering) and who's where in the polls.

On page 6, or page 8, or page 10 -- and even occasionally way up on page 4 -- you might find an article mentioning that American soldiers have been killed in Iraq. You can even learn that we're appologizing because OOPS! we just killed a bunch of Iraqi police.

What you can't see is any mention of the maimed amongs the American soldiers in Iraq. For that you can go to Al Jazeersa.

It goes without saying of course that there is virtually no mention in the "news" outlets of the Iraqi civilians who have been killed. For that you can go to Iraq Body Count.

In Vietnam the criterion of success was how many Viet Cong we had killed and the public received daily body counts.

But now "We don't do body counts" (Tommy Frank, quoted on Iraq Body Count). No wonder! With between 6,000 and 8,000 Iraqi civilians dead and 20,000 Iraqi civilians injured, it's kind of, well, an embarrassment really.

In addition to the Bread and Circuses aspect of the Recall, there is of course the spoiled kid thing. The republican party doesn't like losing elections. So what they can't steal, they try to overturn. In the general indifference to hunger, suffering, and poor education in the Golden State, they'd rather spend my money on this nonsense then use it for it's citizens.

Back in August, Fox News was estimating the cost at between $55million and $63million. If you count the costs of all the court cases being brought that goes waaaay up.

That's a lot of school lunches. Oh, and text books too. Even Berkeley High is doing fundraisers for geometry books! In a recent email they made this perky request:

"The year is off to a great start. However, we have discovered that we are missing about 200 Geometry books. We simply need to buy more books and due to the budget constraints that we are all too aware of we are asking you for donations. We regret that we have to ask you for money for books, and we know that the school has many and frequent fund raisers. However, no student should have to get by without a math book. We really want to be able to teach all of the students to the best of our abilities, and having books makes it much easier."

I especially like the understated tone of this request. ..."having books makes it much easier" is a prizewinner!

SO! Is the Recall election a plot? A scam? A disgrace? Shameful?

You bet it is!

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