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Friday, September 26, 2003
      ( 11:23 PM ) Jackie  

Little Things Mean a Lot

No, this is not a porn site. Shame on you!!

I was just reflecting on how small accomplishments can be very validating.

I've had a few this week.

I changed the headlight in my car. Now that may not seem like much but the temptation was very great to take it in to my very excellent car repair place so they could do it for me. But instead I grabbed the headlight by the wires and bought the $9 little halogen thingy, poked around under the hood, and said "Let there be light." And so there was.

Today I unclogged the sink. I don't know what was in there -- nor do I wish to. But it was stuck -- for days. I plunged. I used homemade remedies -- baking soda and vinegar. I poured hot water in case it was just grease. I resorted to Liquid Plumber -- the caustic drain cleaner, not the band. I'm thinking that the band itself dissolved since it's official website is a not found. A bad karmic choice of names perhaps. The drain cleaner is in any case spelled "Liquid Plumr". Ugh!

But I digress. The Liquid Plumr didn't work. More hot water. More plunging. More liquid plumber. More hot water. More plunging. By the way you really aren't supposed to plunge when using these caustic products. But there was a lot of water in the sink and I used rubber gloves and was careful. I am a perfesshunal. Do not try this at home!

I went to my local hardware store and bought a Zip-It for $2.99. The drain unclogger, not the Mac compression utility. I added this to my series of drain-clogging techniques. It didn't work. But somehow this series of actions cleared the drain.

I pounded my chest a few times, yelled, and ran a much-needed load of dishes.

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