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Tuesday, September 02, 2003
      ( 10:42 PM ) Jackie  
Something's Fishy: Yet another thing the doctor never told me

So it seems that fish oil, omega-3 fatty acids, have been shown to improve depression. How come my doctor never mentioned that little gem when we discussed changing my anti-depressant medication? Duh!

Of course I may have found that out myself if I had continued to take the capsules I bought for heart-healthiness. Even if you're not depressed, it's been shown the omega-3 fatty acids can reduce death from heart disease.

The doctor who urged me to take hormone replacement therapy as a preventative for heart disease didn't happen to mention that one either.

The good news is that mainstream medical institutions are taking some of this stuff seriously. So maybe some day doctors will provide this information.

Meanwhile, you heard it here: Omega-3 fatty acids rock!

It also seems that smoking and depression are related.

It looks like adding omega-3 and subtracting smoking would improve both depression and heart health.

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