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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
      ( 10:50 AM ) Jackie  

nanowrimo, house painting, and Veteran's Day

It is November 11, eleven days into nanowrimo. I now have typed my first day's quota of words. I'm back on caffeine. I have an AirPort (wireless to you PC folk) card so I can waste my time on the internet while supposedly typing my novel at a coffee shop.

My sister is arriving from Illinois on Thursday morning or Friday night, depending on which piece of information she gave me is correct. My house is still in disarray from the villainous painting project. The walls look great -- for the most part -- but all that stuff stuffed here and there and all that dust from the patching. Ugh!

It's good to have a visitor as an incentive to finish everything up, though my sister is too kind and I know she would just pitch in and help if needed.

It's Veteran's Day, the day we celebrate SOME the people who have been maimed and murdered in wars fought on behalf of the rich and evil.

Country Joe McDonald has gone overboard in his eagerness to make the important distinction between soldiers and warmongers. I agree wholeheartedly that we should not demonize people who have enlisted in the military and should instead place the blame for war where it belongs. There is an economic draft in place and it's certainly not the fault of the enlistees that they are lied to and bullied by recruiters. But I stop at "thanking" them, as Country Joe does in his description of and interviews about the Berkeley event.

Country Joe and the Fish are perhaps best known for the I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag and if you don't know it you should. Go on, get the music and lyrics and enjoy a little piece of history!

Anyway....I support people in the military by volunteering on the GI Rights Hotline. The only support that means anything as far as I'm concerned is bringing them home now!

Here's how veteran Stan Goff closes his essay about the idealization of war and of veterans,

Before, during, and after [war]

Before, there were schemes and lies. During, there was death and destruction. After, there was destabilization that led to deeper destruction. In exchange for their lives, limbs, health, and sanity, the veterans got a pedestal that erased the trenches, the lice, the mustard gas, the blood, the nightmares... all of it.

Yes, let's honor the veterans and ALL victims of war. By speaking the truth about war. By working for peace, by working for justice.

later that same day .....

Tom Paine has links to a number of articles related to Veterans Day.

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