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Thursday, November 13, 2003
      ( 5:44 AM ) Jackie  

Sex Bracelets? Give Me a Break!

Goaded by a Gawker headline--"ALERT! THIS IS A FULL-SCALE BAD TEEN TREND ALERT"-- I went on over to NBC News to check out the article on Sex Bracelets! I'd seen the teaser on TV but I don't have the attention span to watch the news so had missed it there.

Focusing on "your daughter", the article advises that "it's a good opportunity to have that all important conversation about sex, what you think is acceptable, and best for your family."

Never mind the weirdness of talking about what is "best for your family" in the context of a young woman's sexuality. Or that it's "your daughters " who need this talk according to the article. I guess nobody's sons need to have that talk.

What is truly insane about this article is that there is no commentary on this aspect of the "code": "In a game called Snap, if a boy breaks a jelly bracelet off a girls wrist, he basically gets a sexual coupon for that act. "

A little advice from Jackie at Oaktown Blogger: This is a good opportunity to have that all important conversation with your kids about RAPE, to let them know that it is not acceptable. And definitely not good for your family, especially "your daughters"!

Not a bad idea to send 'em all to a self-defense classe or two as well. All of them -- sons and daughters.

Now that I've committed the huge error of googling 'rape' and 'teen', coming up with thousands of porn sites, before I did a more precise search, I guess I'll be getting even more porn spam. Well, it kind of explains the bias of the article I guess.

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