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Thursday, January 01, 2004
      ( 10:11 AM ) Jackie  
All I wanted was to find someone to cut my hair. The logical thing to do was to re-join ba-sappho and ask the question. Somehow I ended up joining a bunch of email lists. I think that it is this "New Year" spirit gone somewhat awry motivating me to do this. And here I thought I wanted to waste less time and be more effective in the things I'm interested in doing!

On Tuesday I went to Arts First Oakland's "Singing For Your Life!" Singing Circle, with singing led by member of SoVoSo. They sang from noon to midnight, and I was able to join for the first three and the last two hours. It was amazing.

Last night I drummed in the New Year with some Congolese and Afro-Cuban songs. It would have been even better to have a bunch of women join me. I think I'll organize that next year!

Much thanks and love to my teachers, Yolanda, Massengo, and Carolyn and to the Congolese community for the gifts they have given me this year.

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