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Sunday, January 04, 2004
      ( 7:24 PM ) Jackie  

Celebrations of Lighting

At the end of this season of celebrations of light, and as the sun has magically begun to stay with us longer each day, I had my own albeit commercial celebration.

Having completed a meeting between PUEBLO members (me included) and Council Member Desley Brooks, I found myself with some free time. I admire Council Member Brooks a great deal, so was also feeling good about meeting with her--not always the case when we're meeting with City Officials.

We met at Heavenly Grounds in East Oakland. I realized I wasn't far from Hayward, home of the Lighting Outlet on Hesperian Avenue. The last time I had bought a lamp was in 1983. Really!! That's not a typo, I did mean it-- 1983. And those lamps are long gone. I was ready to shop.

As luck would have it there was a SALE! I bought two lamps for the living room and one for my bedroom. One of the living room lamps is an old-style floor lamp with six settings (a top 50-100-150 switch and three separate bulbs). The other is a totally beautiful Tiffany-style dragonfly table lamp. The dragonflies make a delicate border with the main part of the shade being blues and greens with other red, blue, yellow, and oranged colored glass scattered through the lower parts. The bedroom lamp is a floor lamp also with a Tiffany-style shade. My house was built in 1914, so these older style lamps look good with the dark wood and leaded glass.

These purchases please me inordinately. I'm actually a little ashamed to be so attached to them.

But they sure are purty!

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