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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
      ( 11:22 PM ) Jackie  


My flight for Kahului, Maui, leaves in 8 hours and 38 minutes. My packing is going reasonably well. I have piles of pants, tshirts,underwear, and miscellaneous toiletries in the dining room. I shudder to think how much stuff I would have if I used makeup!

I seem to have a acquired a little alternative health care emergency kit, which is also packed and ready, along with medications and vitamins. The literature from GI rights is in my computer bag ready to share with Maui Peace Action. My cameras are in the camera case which in turn awaits being put into my carryon bag. Batteries have been charging since last night and chargers are ready to go into that self-same carryon bag.

My drum is easy this year because it has a great case. My tent is laid out on the living room floor hoping to be vacuumed. I found the fly sheet. Unfortunately I realized that the tent poles and stakes are not with the tent itself. I think I'll be needing them.

I have guidebooks and maps collected the past two years. The many photos of Malonga that I printed out to share with people at camp are safely in a folder with a strong piece of cardboardf to keep them from being bent, folded, or mutilated.

Annette is picking me up at 5:45, so I really have only 6 hours to finish all this and perhaps get a little sleep.

One thing I'm sure of is that whatever I forget or am unable to pack I can do without very happily. All I really need is my ticket, my drum, and a picture id. 'Cause I am after all traveling to Paradise.

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