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Tuesday, February 10, 2004
      ( 12:12 PM ) Jackie  

Stay of Execution

We packed the car with sorrowful bodies, cheese and hummus sandwiches, coffee, chai tea, chips, mixed nuts, fruit, folding chairs, and a few extra warm clothes to share if the night turned cold-- ready to spend the night at San Quentin if necessary.

We had heard of the stay of execution and the challenge to vacate it made by AG Lockyer and knew that there was some possibility that the stay would stand and the execution order would itself be vacated. No one spoke of hope as we crossed the Richmond Bridge going West toward San Quentin.

Some of us joined the march with our Queers Against Executions banner while others parked the car and hiked back to join us.

We were almost to the prison when we learned that the Supreme Court had refused to vacate the stay of execution. The rally continued, but with a decidedly more joyful atmosphere than we had dared to anticipate.

You don't nee me to tell you about Kevin Cooper or why we must abolish the racist classist death penalty.

But you might want to look at my photos from last night's vigil.

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