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Sunday, March 14, 2004
      ( 10:17 AM ) Jackie  


I returned home late Monday night from my three weeks on Maui and have been doing a slow re-entry into the mainland world.

My main activity has been working on the many photos I took and Congolese Dance and Drum Camp as well as the ones I took for myself. My goal -- feared word! -- is to have my photo albums created this week.

Meanwhile I do have a photo on my website of the view from my tent at the gorgeous Kipahulu camp ground. (I still haven't figured out what thousands have done -- how to integrate web site and blog.)

On Friday I went to a sleep class after being diagnosed with moderate/severe sleep apnea My test results show that I stop breathing on the average of 45.3 times per hour and my oxygen level is at 83%. Not good and no wonder I feel so loggy so much of the time.

To correct this, I will be getting a c-pap (continuous positive airway pressure ) machine. The technician who taught the class says that this is pretty much guaranteed to stop the apnea and that many people feel the effects the first time it's used. Personally I feel better already in anticipation of getting some sleep!

Since I pay only about $425 a month !!!! for my health insurance, this device is not convered by my insurance and I must buy the machine. Gotta love the American way of health! Fortunately I will be able to get a used machine for about $400. That's a round-trip ticket to Maui, my new currency explainer.

Today I'll be attending the welcome home celebration for Stephen Funk. I'll be tabling for the GI Rights Hotline and the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors. I went to the base when Stephen turned himself in, so it feels good to be able to welcome him back.

Last night my friend Annette and I did some drumming, getting back into the swing of things here to help get prepared for our gig at the the Hopland Women's Festival. We drummed A LOT on Maui, but not the particular rhythms that we'll be playing.

Much to say about Maui, the camp itself, and my adventures. But I did promise my dog Sasha that she will have a walk this moring and she needs a bath. So later for all of that.

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