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Sunday, August 29, 2004
      ( 8:59 AM ) Jackie  

Fractured" New York Times Reports on Protests

The current NY Times take on the protests at the Republican National Convention is that "the leadership of the protest effort is deeply fractured".

How out of touch can one newspaper be? The NYT has complete missed the evolution of the peace movement. We never were monolithic. Now the capacity for instant communicaiton has enabled many voices to be heard. A thousand flowers are blooming in New York and throughout the country.

And the New York Times doesn't get it.

This latest "analysis" of what is happening follows several previous atempts. On Saturday, the NYT ran a story by Dan Barry that pretty much denigrates the various organizations that are present in New York to speak to the issues, characterizing the many voices as "one protracted howl." Barry's approach is to poke fun at the acronyms of the organizations. Not deep of course, but mildly amusing. I might have enjoyed it as an op ed column if only he hadn't concluded the article so sanctimoniously, saying "we learn a little more about what kind of city, what kind of people, we are."

On Aaugust 20, the Times wrung its hands over the purported violence of "anarchists" who expect to attend the events in New York during the RNC.

This scattershot approach to analysis of the important events in New York combines a sort of hysteria with desparation about the whole situation.

Fractured indeed

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