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Friday, December 10, 2004
      ( 7:32 PM ) Jackie  

And then it's something else

The OS upgrade went fine, though it took just about forever.

That completed, I plugged the airport express base station into power, plugged the dsl into the base station, and loaded up the airport assistant to set up my network. Things were looking good.

Whoa there! Just a minute.

The light on the base station is flashing yellow and Airport Express Setup Assistant isn't assisting. The base station isn't talking to my isp : (

I went to the last resort -- the guide included with the base station. It indicates that I need to let my ISP know what the IP address of the base station is. It tells me that this information is on the side of the basde station. Weird, but I'll go with the program. This number is printed in the tiniest possible print on the side of the base station.

I can't find my magnifying glass but am able to discern the IP address -- with a little squinting in a bright light. It's a number anyway; but I later see that this number does not have the structure of an IP address

Now what? Well, contact the ISP to find out how to communicate the information to them I guess.

Live chat, that's the ticket. I go to and enter live chat. I'm told that a chatter will be with me momentarily. This message stays on my screen for over an hour. I give up and go to bed.

Today is a new day with new possibilities. I get onto live chat immediately. Yes! Here is a transcript of the latter part of our chat'snot working. I think Earthlink needs to know the IP address of the base station

but I don't' know how to convey that info

symptoms are that the base station light goes green when I plug in the dsl cable. then goes to yellow or flashing yellowl.

At the same time the enet light on my dsl modem is initially on then goes off.

Johnathan D.: Sorry. The issue you are experiencing is not fall under our scope of support. any thougths?

Johnathan D.: I am not sure.

Intrepid asks about whose scope it is in to find out how to send earthlink an ip address.

This message doesn't show up in the chat window?

She types, "Johnathan, are you with me?"

This doesn't show up in the chat window.

Johnathan has cut me off and is on to the next customers, whose question may be in earthlink's scope.

Well, never mind! I got me a phone. It's not clear which number to call but I see "home networking" and I'm betting on that. I call the number, enter the appropriate selections for DSL and Mac. While I wait on hold I'm told to got to online chant instead of using their "award winning phone service". i continue on hold.

Paula knows what I'm talking about, bless her little electronic heart! But she has to transfer me. Kewl! Now I've already made the phone selections to indicate that I have DSL. Alas! the nice woman I talk to says she doesn't do dsl and will transfer me. After a short wait, Lee answers. Following a brief and very confusing conversations he says "The problem is we are not trained for that. That is why can not help you." At least, that's very clear!

I ask him who can help with Apple and he transfers me -- back to Paula. She seems to know what's going on and has had an airport express network herself. We spend about 45 minutes trying to set up using the Airport Administrator. Something isn't quite jelling for her, though. She seems to think that I need to connect my computer to the base station using a usb of firewire cable. Hmmmmm No very wireless thatn. Eventually we call it a day. She did good but we didn't make it. And I am without my wireless network. But Paula did give me Apple's phone number.

Before going there, I decided to look at the Apple Guides on the CD. There is a guide for my airport card, which works just fine thank you, and one for Airport Extreme, which is not the product I bought. But nothing for Airport Express. Maybe I'll use that Apple help number.

Tomorrow's another day. I'll do it then

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