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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
      ( 1:28 PM ) Jackie  

It's Always Something!

So, having experienced the delights of the in-home wireless network over the Thanksgiving holiday (You can see the pix in my photo albums), I came home and bought an Airport Express. Plugged it in; put in the CD. OOPS! Shoulda' read the box. I have to upgrade the OS. Undaunted -- well, daunted but unstopped -- I went to the Apple store and ordered it. Can't download -- guess it's too big.

It came yesterday. So now I'm about to become a Panther. Even though the notes say that all folders,apps, etc will be preserved since this is an OSX upgrade I have backed up some recently changed files. I only hope that my address book doesn't get stepped on.

Ok, I'm ready to dive into the wonders of Panther. I see that Tiger is right behind me but not yet purchasable, so I imagine I'll be doing this again soon.

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