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Friday, March 11, 2005
      ( 8:51 AM ) Jackie  

Counter Recruiters beaten by NYPD

Maybe the New York Times couldn't make the press conference, or maybe it's not really news (to them) when counter-recruiters from CCNY get beaten down. Or maybe they think this is Nazi Germany and that's what police do.

In any case, my review of and search on the past few days of the New York Times delivered no notice of the beating and arrest of counter-recruiters at CCNY.

Fortunately I subscribe to GI Specialand get this kind of news.

It is our responsibility now to help and support soldiers who are refusing to participate in this illegal and immoral war and to stop recruitment of youth whenever we can.

You can find out more about counter-recruitment from the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors.

The phone number for the GI Rights hot line is 800-394-9544. If you know someone in the military who needs help getting out, someone who has been recruited into the military and doesn't want to go, or someone considering joining the military who needs some REAL information, give them this number now.

Here's the headline and intro to the article:

Scum In UniformControl: Thugs Beat Up, Arrest Counter-Recruiters At City College Of New York
When Mr. Rodriguez was being arrested, his head was slammed into the wall. He called out "look what they're doing to me!" According to Ms. Paul, to silence him one of the guards pulled Mr. Rodriguez's hood over his head and slammed his head into the wall again.

March 09, 2005 CAN-NY-NJ

Three undergraduate students at the City College of New York (CCNY) were arrested Wednesday in the course of a peaceful protest against military recruiters.

Hadas Thier, Nick Bergreen, and Justino Rodriguez, along with approximately a dozen other protesters attended a job fair organized by the college, and stood up in front of a National Guard recruitment table chanting anti-war slogans.

Private security and campus peace officers immediately surrounded the protesters, pushed them into an empty hallway outside of the job fair, closed the hall door and assaulted two protesters and arrested a third who was taking pictures.

The two students who were assaulted are now being charged with felony assault, and the third with obstruction of a government administrator.

"Counter-recruitment" has become a national issue (USATODAY "Counter-recruiters shadowing the military" 3/7/5), and it's working. Between these efforts, and general disagreement about the war, recruitment is down - according to a 3/6/5 Reuters report, "The regular Army is 6 percent behind its year-to-date recruiting target, the Reserve is 10 percent behind, and the Guard is 26 percent short."

After similar counter-recruitment efforts have taken off from New York to Seattle, the military has clearly become concerned.

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