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Saturday, May 14, 2005
      ( 10:18 PM ) Jackie  

A Little Contradiction

With recruiting numbers down by 27% of goal, and expected to stay down, the Army is enticing recruits with the promise of reduced deployment time.

But at the same time, they are continuing to use the Stop Loss to keep people in the military -- and redeployed -- past the date they are due to leave the Army. (The military's Stop Loss Policy temporarily prohibits soldiers from retiring or quitting when their enlistment is up.) One soldier, Emilio Santiago, sued the military because his stop loss extended his time in the military to 2031!! He lost!

"I signed my contract for 8 years and the government involuntarily extended me for another 27 years," says Santiago.
Apparently his recruiter failed to point this stuff out!

Sounds a little nutty to me.

And of course, as even the military has admitted, RECRUITERS LIE THEIR ASSES OFF!!!

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Yeah, because they're dumb ass mind-gamers! Yelling their heads off at recruits like stupid fools, not really knowing what's really going on. I could say more...
I think protesting the military makes you guys idiots. What good is that really doing? Protest those in office sending Soldiers not the Soldiers themselves. If you are successful you will start a draft. I wish you were successful!! Any drafted kid would be the first one through the door, especially one that was a protestor. They will have done that to themselves. Please protest recruiting stations as they will be ordered to leave for saftey. This will give these hard working American Patriots a day off because your outside their doors. I wish you success!!

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