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Monday, August 15, 2005
      ( 9:57 PM ) Jackie  
Today Code Pink held a series of events in Sacramento. Those of us in the Bay area got up at 2:30 am so we would be at the first event before 5am. We started at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) where we greeted youth who were coming in to test to determine what MOS, or job category, they might qualify for. We then caravaned to the I-80 where we did a very successful banner drop. As usual, lots of peace signs and and horn-honking in support. We then went to a recruiting center and then on the the Capitol to meet with 15 legislators. We presented a resolution to bring home the CA national guard and asked that the legislators take leadership in bringing this resolution forward. After a brief rally, we talked about the various responses we received and then celebrated with a great lunch. (Well, my lunch was fruit juice as this is the last day of my 6-day fast in support of Cindy Sheehan.)

I took photos of most of the events -- couldn't let go of my banner to shoot the banner drop. Photos are

I'm ready for some sleep, and looking forward to breakfast.

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I think I was there for your protest at the MEPS because I was one of the recruiters. Your protest was weak. You did not change one person's mind!! You actually pissed a few people off and only made their resolve that much stronger. For that I would like to thank you. It is sad that you don't realize that by successfully getting kids not to join means we are going to draft your kids. I would send your kids through the door first. Why send someone who volunteered first instead of the weak link on the team. Also, please protest recruiting stations as the recruiters usually will have to leave and that gives them a well deserved day off. They will be at home laughing at you. I know I did when I was in recruiting. Shoot, I loved when you came by because I finally got to go home and see my family! If you are going to do damage to the station, do enough that the recruiters get at least a week off or something. Happy protesting and thanks for your help with the draft!!

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